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Hi I'm Jamie Reddish.

I'm a web designer/developer living in Boston, MA. Growing up I was always a "right-brained", visual and imaginative artist. I was always getting in trouble for drawing in class. I'm also the daughter of an IT Director so I've been working with computers since I was 4 (back when they were 3 times my size). When my high school started offering a web class my junior year I realized I could combine my love for creativity with technology.

I went on to received my BFA in Graphic Design and Technology from Emmanuel College in Boston. I've come a long way since building my first website using tables. I've gained a thorough comprehension of coding and an analytical development style.

I absolutely love what I do. I'm constant upgrading of knowledge, evolving techniques, and looking for new solutions. Someone should tell Ms.Goldstein my doodles in class weren't "nonsense" after all.

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One day coming home from work I decided to buy some paint to play around with. A couple glasses of wine later I was hooked. It's amazing to be in an artistic field of work where every day I'm designing...but there's nothing like the feeling of uninhibited creativity with no deadlines or critiques! I'm drawn to abstract art and am blissfully happy creating it. I started painting really just for fun and to unwind, but friends kept asking if they could buy them so I decided to build a website to showcase and sell them on.

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